Created for all skin, including sensitive skin.


  • Prepares and primes the skin, ready for mask-wearing/face-covering
  • Forms a film over the skin to help defend it from mechanical damage
  • Helps to minimise the effect of mask-rubbing and prevent skin barrier disruption
  • Provides antimicrobial protection and helps to reduce irritations, dryness, flare-ups and redness
  • Supports the skin’s barrier and moisturises

Prepare and prime the skin for mask-wearing/face-covering with this lightweight yet ultra-protective barrier cream that helps to minimise the effect of rubbing and keep skin healthy. Ceramides impart essential hydration, while silicones create a softening and smoothing film over the skin, to help shield it from mechanical damage and reduce irritations, dryness, flare-ups and redness. Radish root peptide provides exceptional antimicrobial protection, as polymers support the skin’s barrier and lock down lubricating moisture. The skin is left silky, soothed and reassuringly defended.

This product is vegan-friendly.

Main Actives

Main Actives

  • Ceramide NG
  • Silicones
  • Radish Root Peptide
  • Hydroxypropyl Starch
  • Polymers
How to use

How to use

Prior to wearing a mask or face covering, apply to cleansed and toned skin, using upward, light circular movements over the face and neck until fully absorbed. Avoid the eye area.




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