Glamourising  |  Anti-ageing

A deluxe introduction to our iconic Black Diamond products, specifically formulated to bring glamour, lustre and allure.

Light-diffusing cores of thousands of white and rare black diamonds unite to manipulate light reflection – blurring away imperfections and revealing a more youthful looking complexion with a flawless surface lustre and photo-ready glow.

Set Includes:

Soft Liquid Dust – 15ml
Intense Hydration Cellular Day Cream – 15ml
Cellular Repair Night Cream – 15ml


Delivering beautiful results every time, the collection contains a trio of our signature products that ingeniously combine exotic black diamonds, precious white diamonds and exclusive peptides, to reveal an enviably flawless, youthful and photo-ready complexion.

What’s inside

Soft Liquid Dust 15ml 

An exquisite finishing powder with precious black and white diamonds ▪ Fills out fine lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, shadows and uneven pigmentation ▪ Reveals a sublime, light-catching radiance.

Intense Hydration Cellular Day Cream 15ml

A super-luxe daily moisturiser enriched with diamonds and brightening amber ▪ Offers impeccable long-lasting hydration and nourishment ▪ Enhances elasticity and plumps out fine lines and wrinkles ▪ Bestows a radiant light-reflective veil and enviable luminosity.

Cellular Repair Night Cream 15ml

An ultra-rich overnight cream infused with diamonds and cell-energising ruby ▪ Improves elasticity and resilience ▪ Softens the appearance of wrinkles and energises ▪ Bolsters skin’s strength and bounce ▪ Unveils a comfortingly supple complexion with a radiant glow.

How to apply

Intense Hydration Cellular Day Cream:
Apply on cleansed and toned skin by massaging all over face, avoiding direct eye contact. Use twice daily and/or whenever skin feels dry. For best results, follow up with Soft Focus Liquid Dust.

Cellular Repair Night Cream:
Apply each evening to cleansed and toned skin, using light circular movements, avoiding the eye area.

Soft Liquid Dust:
Gently apply over moisturised face, avoiding the eye area.

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